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    The Big Day is here, you’ve planned every detail large and small. Now it’s time to enjoy each moment with your friends and family.

    Below are services available that will ensure that all you have to do is celebrate!

    Wedding Weekend

    Rehearsal, Ceremony, & Reception

    Rates Starting at $1950.00


    Please note that this reflects having one coordinator with you on the day of your wedding. If needed, additional coordinators and assistants are available, but will increase the above base rate.


    The Wedding Weekend Package begins with a consultation with the married couple to be. From here, we’ll begin to assess a timeline for all the Wedding Weekend activities including the Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner and Ceremony. With one of our team, there will be at least two more meetings to ensure that the couple’s vision is ready to be executed down to the smallest detail. We will also schedule a visit to your venue at least a month in advance to the wedding date. This package is perfect for couples who are having a large event, usually 100 guests or more, and who want someone to be the main liaison and point person as the Big Day approaches.


    Package includes:

    • Creation of a Wedding Time Line
    • A visit to the Wedding Venue
    • Follow Up Calls to Vendors and Venue during final month prior to the Wedding Date
    • Coordination of Bridal Party for all weekend events
    • Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Management
    • Wedding Day Emergency Kit
    • Pre-Ceremony / Ceremony Management
    • Reception Management

    Wedding Day

    Ceremony & Reception

    Rates Starting at $1500.00


    Please note that this reflects having one coordinator with you on the day of your wedding. If needed, additional coordinators and assistants are available, but will increase the above base rate.


    The Wedding Day Package is recommended for couples who are hosting a smaller event, usually 100 guests or less. This package will also begin with a consultation where a timeline for the Wedding Day is created.


    Package includes:

    • Creation of a Wedding Time Line
    • Final Calls to Vendors and Venue one week prior
    • Coordination of Bridal Party for Wedding Day events
    • Wedding Day Emergency Kit
    • Pre-Ceremony/Ceremony Management
    • Reception Management


    Whichever package you choose, you can feel secure knowing that “backstage”, all your needs are being handled and your only job is to enjoy and relax.

    Additional Information

    How we work...

    The Spectacular Events team will be involved in all pre-planning aspects of the wedding. When it comes to the location visits, rehearsal dinner, wedding day and additional events, the above packages only include one person from the Spectacular Events team to be present and coordinate. If you would like additional team members, there are other rates available.



  • Erin Kraus

    Wedding Coordinator


    My background as a Stage Manager and a Production Coordinator on large Musical Theater events led me to the world of Wedding Coordinating. It’s amazing how these two fields are so similar. Over the years, friends and family would turn to me for help in the wedding planning and coordinating process knowing my detail oriented personality and my strange love for making lists and spreadsheets would be an asset. What began as fun side projects outside of my normal work environment, has turned into a passion for everything wedding and a second career. The thrill of seeing a live theater production’s Opening Night is now matched by seeing a Couple's special day come together. It’s truly a Spectacular feeling seeing two people's dream executed the way they imagined it after months of planning.


    Every Couple should get to experience each moment of their wedding day without worry. Nothing makes me happier than being the girl “backstage” making sure that happens.




    Jessica Baker

    Associate Wedding Coordinator


    With a childhood nickname like "Bossy Jessie" it only seemed fit that my path in life would lead me to Wedding Coordinating. But along with that nickname, I also learned that not everyone loves a bossy person. As a result, I try to lead as I would like to be led and help give you your best day ever. Prior to coordinating, I went to school for Musical Theater and between acting jobs, I was also a Wedding Singer with one of the top wedding bands in Manhattan for over 5 years. With my band, I have seen over 300 weddings, traveled to places like Puerto Rico and we were also on television, featured on Cake Boss. My friends and family would often put me in their wedding parties as their secret Bridesmaid weapon, which included my 'Mary Poppins' bag for Bridal Parties - Tylenol, double sided tape, safety pins, you name it.


    It is truly important for every couple to be present and fully enjoy their wedding day. I love taking on the various tasks of the day, ensuring that the bride and groom can take in all the magic that they have planned.





    See what other couples have to say about Spectacular Events by Erin!

    Rebecca and Jeff

    August 18, 2018

    Bronx, New York


    "Jessica did an amazing job on our wedding day. She intuitively knew what we wanted and needed, gave very helpful tips and suggestions along the way, and worked behind the scenes to make sure our vendors were on the same page. It was so nice to relinquish control to Jessica to handle the coordination so we could enjoy our time with family and friends. Plus, the pricing was the most reasonable we came across in our search. Thank you, Jessica and Erin!"


    Heather and Dan

    August 18, 2018

    Monroe, New York


    "We hired Erin as our Day of Coordinator for our wedding on 8/18/18. Erin went above and beyond my expectations for what a day of coordinator would do. We had regular contact months out before the wedding and she promptly answered any question I had. Our wedding weekend was filled with obstacles (specifically torrential rain the night before and day of the ceremony for an outdoor farm wedding!!), and Erin did an amazing job keeping me calm, making changes on the fly, and making sure everybody was where they needed to be and doing what they needed to be doing. It was really a breath of fresh air having Erin by my side. She not only managed every obstacle we faced with ease, but she even brought me food after the wedding when I forgot to eat at the reception! Not only is Erin dependable and professional, but she is also fun, engaging, and overall blast to hang out with! She is absolutely amazing and will truly make your event spectacular!"


    Megan and Schuyler

    July 27, 2018

    Riverhead, New York


    "Erin is a saint, an angel, a wedding good luck fairy. I honestly didn’t realize how much I needed her there until she was - because of her I did not worry. Because of her I could soak it all in and remain present. Because of her, I could relax. Thank you will never be enough. There are so many things that one can forgo on their wedding day - don’t skip over having a point person. Erin will execute the dreams that you’ve been planning for months become a reality - and help you, your fiancé, your bridal party, your loved ones feel at ease. It’s impossible to be stressed or nervous when Erin’s working a wedding, for she handles it all!"


    Michelle and Andrew

    July 14, 2018

    Woodland Park, New Jersey


    "Erin is seriously the most amazing human ever. My mind was completely at ease knowing I had Erin by my side. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND her duties and irons out any wrinkle before you even realize it’s happening. Her attention to detail is unreal. She even made sure I was on the dance floor for my favorite song (she remembered I said I loved the song in passing!) she is simply the greatest and I couldn’t recommend her more."

    Dana and Ross

    July 7, 2018

    New Rochelle, New York


    "We hired Erin to be our wedding day-of coordinator and were so impressed by her work. She was very professional, clear, and responsive. She helped us plan before the wedding and was with us throughout the weekend to coordinate the rehearsal dinner and wedding day. There were many small emergencies that she handled with ease. She was such a calming and positive presence, and truly made our wedding day better. We wholeheartedly recommend her!"


    Victoria and AJ

    June 23, 2018

    Beacon, New York


    "Jessica was EVERYTHING we wanted and needed on our wedding day and leading up to it. Her personality/approach were perfect- she was enthusiastic, invested, and eager, but also kept me calm, and felt like my rock all day. I felt like she “got me” more than any vendor we worked with. When you get the forecast you never imagined having for your wedding day, or other wedding vendors are stressing you out, you will be SO HAPPY you have Jessica by your side. There were also a million little things that she solved/saved before they even became an issue that I didn’t even know about (my bridesmaids nonchalantly told me in the weeks afterward and I loved Jessica even more for it!)

    We aligned on the timeline in advance and she joined us for a venue walk-through, which was great. They involve themselves in advance just the right amount to take over when you will need to step back, and to be in full control on the wedding day. On the day of, she really knew where to be and when, and without having done a wedding at our venue The Roundhouse before! I’m super Type A, had a 40-tab Wedding google sheet, etc, and had the fear that no one could be as thorough as I’d want them to be on this monumental day, but Erin and Jessica gave me the confidence that I could plan my heart out leading up to the wedding and then relinquish control on the wedding day so that I could really enjoy it without worrying. And that I did. It almost makes me tear up thinking of how happy I am that we had her, so we could just be present and embrace the amazingness of the day- THANK YOU Jessica!

    Additionally, their pricing is really amazing and they are so fair, clear, and organized. Jessica worked so hard for us, and was so professional and amazing, and we really appreciate it. Book Jessica asap, you will be SO glad you did."


    Sara and Tyler

    June 23, 2018

    Jefferson, New York


    "Words can’t describe how wonderful Erin is!! I can’t imagine having had my wedding without her at the helm! She created a detailed timeline and made sure everything ran on a perfect schedule. She coordinated with all of my vendors so I had no stress leading up to the main event. She wrangled our rowdy wedding party with absolute ease. And most importantly, made sure I wanted for absolutely nothing the day of. Erin was there for all of my pre-wedding freak outs and always made me feel instantly better! I absolutely recommend Erin and her team to make sure your day is absolutely perfect!"


    Jessica and Tom

    May 28, 2018

    Stockholm, New Jersey


    "Erin was amazing. Before our first phone conversation, Erin had looked up our wedding website so she was already in the know about our venue, wedding party, etc. She was a joy to work with. Everything seemed easy and effortless. She covered a potential disaster with our caterer so well that no one knew there was a problem. All our vendors, wedding party & family spoke very highly of her as well. Hire Erin. You won't regret it!" - Jessica, The Bride


    "We loved working with Erin on our wedding. She was incredibly well organized and prepared to help us run our wedding day. She had thought of the things we could not have planned on and was ready to handle them when they did. In all of our meetings with her she lovely, professional, and on top of all the little details." - Tom, The Groom


    Jenny and Alex

    May 21, 2018

    New York, New York


    "I cannot say enough amazing things about Jessica and Erin. Not only are they the ultimate professionals, they are also incredibly fun and a joy to be around. Everyone - from our vendors, to our parents, to our guests commented how kind and pleasant they were. Our wedding went flawlessly - all thanks to Spectacular Events By Erin. I was definitely the bride asking myself "why do I need a wedding coordinator?", especially when we planned to have a casual and small wedding. Trust me - you need one, and Jessica and Erin are your gals!"

    Dan and Jeff

    May 21, 2018

    New York, New York


    "We are so happy and thankful that Erin could support us through our wedding day. Your wedding day will be perfect and any bumps along the way Erin will masterfully smooth out without you even knowing! Even ahead of the day she will help structure and facilitate as needed to help you feel prepared for a good time. My husband and I can sometimes not be as proactive for planning but Erin helped provide that extra nudge to continue arranging all the wedding things. Erin really is a joy. She's fun, responsive, organized, and just there for you. Even past the wedding day a lot of our family/friends came to tell us that this was the best wedding they've ever been to. I'm sure that you could have the same awesome wedding or better, but for us there's no way it could have been such a success without Erin."


    Michael and Nick

    May 12, 2018

    New York, New York


    "My husband and I chose a venue that was just a raw space. We had to secure everything from the caterer, cake, flowers, decor as well as the usual wedding accompaniments (save the dates, engagement shoot, invitation, favors, clothing, hotels, officiant, etc.) Early on in the process, I spoke with Erin on the phone to see if we could benefit from a coordinator. Two months before our wedding date, our caterer (who was previously approved by the venue) fell ill and had to cancel. In a panic, I called Erin. Sure enough - her calm cheery and reassuring disposition really helped settle my nerves. We booked Erin to help us with the wedding and it was the BEST money we spent on the entire day! Erin is the most efficient, professional, friendly, and capable vendor we met with! She handled last minute snafu's (believe me - you will have them). Our guests were even complimenting Erin to us for weeks after the wedding! She really handled everything - coordinating with an EXTREMELY difficult venue, as well as ALL of our individual vendors was no small task. My cab rear ended another car on our way to central park to take photos and Erin handled it like a champ! Erin truly made our day PERFECT. If you'd like to actually enjoy your event - hire Erin. She's actually worth MORE than what she charges. She was an amazing coordinator, and she will be a future friend! :)"


    Rachel and Blake

    April 21, 2018

    Falls, Pennsylvania


    "Erin and her associate, Jessica, are a fantastic team! They went above and beyond my expectations and handled all hiccups with tact and ease. Erin, my fiancee, and I met several times prior to the wedding. Erin is so organized and helped me keep my day-of timeline structured, but also built in enough time so that we didn't feel super rushed. She communicated with all my vendors and coordinated with them to make sure that all of my needs were met. Because Erin was unable to attend my rehearsal dinner, her associate, Jessica, took over. Jessica is a dream to work with! She was very easy to work with and made sure that everyone was where they needed to be at all the specific times. We only needed to go through the ceremony twice before heading to our dinner site because she ran it so smoothly! There were a couple of mishaps the day of the wedding, which were my fault, and involved me forgetting to include a few people who had RSVP'd on our seating chart. Erin was able to to quickly and efficiently fix the situation without making anyone feel like they had been forgotten, and without the guests causing a scene. My parents were so happy to have both Jessica and Erin streamlining the wedding, so that they could actually take everything in and just enjoy the day without having any extra responsibilities. It was awesome! I recommend Erin and Jessica to anyone looking to have a fantastic day without having to worry about anything."


    Julianne and Christian

    March 24, 2018

    Allentown, New Jersey


    "We were so grateful to have been recommended to Spectacular Events by Erin because we were able to experience our daughter’s wedding day with a calm confidence and without getting overly nervous. So, while our vendors were paying attention to the many things we paid them to do, Erin was paying attention to supporting us!

    It’s hard to account for how you’re going feel when the big day arrives. You know all the moving parts are underway, but then you’re taken off guard at the first sight of your daughter in her wedding dress, or you get a bit overcome by the many well wishers greeting you throughout the day.


    In all of this it would have been hard for us to …pick up a bridesmaid that was stranded without a car. Or, diplomatically manage two dueling priests at the wedding rehearsal. Or, find a ride for the late guests who missed the hotel shuttle. Or replace the mp3 that wouldn’t load onto the DJ’s sound system so the bride’s brother could sing his song.


    These last minute glitches were handled smoothly by the quick thinking, fast-moving and fun-loving, Erin, who simply pointed to her big smile saying, “Does this face looked stressed?” And off she went to save the day.


    My husband asked me to add his comment to my review. He admits that he was the first one to be skeptical about taking on an additional service. Today, he wholeheartedly attributes our decision to hire Erin as the reason we were truly were able to relax and enjoy our daughter’s wedding day with ease and dignity.


    Every event needs an Erin!"


    Jennifer and Jon

    December 16, 2017

    Brooklyn, New York


    "Erin was AMAZING throughout the entire process. I can't even begin to explain how much of a relief it was for us when we decided to go with Erin. From our first phone call to the day of the wedding, she was exceptional. She is extremely organized and was so easy and accommodating when we were both a nervous wreck. She made sure that all of our vendors were in check and the entire event was perfect. We had our wedding at The Green Building in Brooklyn and it was a DIY. Erin was great wrangling our vendors and assisting with last minute details/changes. She kept us all in line with our timeline and it made us feel so much better knowing that Erin was coordinating our event. I would recommend Erin to everyone, she is perfect and is amazing at what she does!"


    Sarah and Matthew

    November 4, 2017

    Rocky Point, New York


    "Erin was amazing! We originally only hired her to help coordinate the reception and make sure things ran smoothly, but we ended up using her for almost the entire day and she was just a gem! She bent over backwards to make sure that our day went according to plan, and she really got along with all my family and friends. She had a smile on the entire time and made sure we (bride & groom) didn't have to do anything but enjoy our night. She responded to e-mails and calls quickly, and always kept me stress free. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

    Dory and Vincent

    October 14, 2017

    New York, New York


    "Erin is who you want to hire to make sure you can actually enjoy your wedding day. After our wedding, so many friends and family members told us how amazing Erin is. She was with us for our wedding day and attended the church rehearsal the night before so she could help ensure all details were covered and that we would keep on schedule, which she helped us craft. She was the go to person during our day and made sure we didn't see any of the typical hiccups or vendor conversations. She went above and beyond to ensure we were happy.


    I found Erin through online research and everything you read is true - she is such a joyful and comforting person. You will be thrilled to have her by your side. From our first conversation, to managing vendor communications on final details the week before, to offering to help with my dress bustle, to ensuring everything was packed up and organized after the wedding ended - I knew every step of the way we had selected the right person. Get in touch with Erin to see how she can make your day the best day ever."


    Elisabeth and Ed

    October 8, 2017

    Waterbury, Connecticut


    Erin is the BEST!!! We hired her as the weekend coordinator for our highly-unique and ambitious theater wedding, and she far exceeded both our expectations and her job description. She began working with us months before the event; suggesting vendors, visiting the venue, and offering guidance and feedback right away. We were so impressed with her prompt responses to emails and phone calls; and her knowledge, experience, and calming presence were essential for turning a nerve-wracking and emotional process into a fun and organized adventure. It was a huge relief to be able to turn the reins over to Erin on the wedding weekend! One of the things we loved most about her was that she worked hard to understand and execute our vision, rather than trying to fit our event into some kind of typical template. She was flexible and attentive to detail, but also not afraid to save us from ourselves when necessary; a rare combination of firm, without being pushy. It was exactly what we needed! Erin was the true MVP of our wedding weekend, going above and beyond. From organizing escort cards, to helping the bride avert a panic attack on the afternoon of the rehearsal dinner, to springing into action the morning of the wedding when rain changed our transportation plans, and even rushing to print our vows when we made last minute changes, she was always there to save the day. On top of all that, her generosity, good humor, and infectious laugh kept everyone at ease and smiling. We gave her a "mission impossible" task of a wedding, with many moving parts; a full multi-media production, including films and a stage show... the works. Erin aced it all, doing the jobs of 3 people, and everybody involved -- vendors, venue, families, and the wedding party -- absolutely loved her. We can't possibly praise her enough and feel so lucky to have worked with her. She is flat-out fantastic; a MUST for your wedding!


    Emilia and Bob

    September 30, 2017

    Montauk, NY


    "I feel so lucky that we hired Erin as the coordinator for our wedding! She was a LIFESAVER at many key moments throughout our wedding weekend. During wedding planning there came a point when I realized that we really needed help for things to run smoothly during our day and thankfully I met and hired Erin to help us out. On meeting her, I was struck by her warm, upbeat personality. She's a joy to work with and she immediately put me at ease. Our wedding was in Montauk and like other reviewers have mentioned, she coordinated a walk through at our venue two weeks before the big day which was great to get a lay of the land and figure out logistics. The weekend of the wedding she ran our rehearsal the day before and even saved the day when we got locked out of our rental house! Long story, but essentially she took care of it while we enjoyed our rehearsal dinner. The day of our wedding we got a bit stressed because there was rain and we had planned to have our ceremony outside. This was no problem for Erin who kept a super positive attitude about the weather all day -- so helpful to me! She then walked us through our options with the venue, and helped us decide, in real time what decision to make. Ultimately we had the ceremony indoors and our guests all said they never would have known we had planned to do something else! I would 100% recommend Erin to any other NY area brides out there! She's a gem."


    Samantha and Emile

    September 16, 2017

    Kingston, New York


    "Erin is AMAZING! I am a type-a control freak and had a very specific idea of what I wanted my wedding to be like and I thought I could do it all myself. This stubbornness made giving up control so difficult but from the first phone conversation I could tell Erin could handle anything and everything. Not only was she extremely patient and understanding but damn she is organized! Our venue was in Kingston, NY and not only did she travel up from NYC for the weekend of the wedding but she even did a walk through of the venue about a month before. Leading up to the day she was on top of every detail and we felt so much more at ease knowing she was in charge. When it finally came to the wedding weekend we could not have been happier to have her with us. Our family and friends we so impressed by how organized and on time our DIY upstate, barn wedding was. Many of our guests were asking for Erin's contact information and some even thought she was a long time friend because of how well we all got along. For all those brides who think you don't need a wedding coordinator or a day of coordinator don't be silly, I thought I could do it all myself and I am so happy I actually got to enjoy my wedding and not worry about anything. Spend the money and Erin will take care of you."

    Emily and Mike

    August 26, 2017

    New York, New York


    "Erin is amazing! My husband and I knew going into our wedding day that she was going to be the "MVP" of our wedding day, and she 100% earned the title. She was one of our only vendors that I didn't get through a referral, and I feel so lucky to have found her. My husband and I did a lot of the planning and tried to stay organized , but we never could have pulled it off without Erin. We only needed her for the day of coordination but she made herself available to us in the months leading up the the wedding. She helped my mom with tips for vendors, got all of our vendors their parking passes, schlepped the boutonnieres to my husband and groomsmen, among many other tasks. Perhaps most importantly, she helped keep me calm on the day during pictures. My other vendors also loved her, my make up artist asked for her contact info. She stayed the entire event and made sure that everything was organized for us to take home. Really I can't recommend her highly enough. If you need a day of coordinator (which you do!) go with Erin!!"


    Diana and Matt

    August 12, 2017

    Stony Point, New York


    "I don't know where to begin to explain how truly amazing having Erin with us throughout the wedding planning and especially on our big day was. From the very beginning, Erin was all in and I immediately felt less stressed. Her bubbly, positive attitude and her organizational skills are what set her apart from everyone else. As we got closer to the wedding, she was taking care of things that I didn't even think of. She made us all so much more calm and we were truly able to relax and enjoy the process instead of feeling overwhelmed. I didn't think Erin could get anymore amazing and then our wedding day came. Erin was there from the second our day started and until the second it ended. I am an extremely nervous, anxious person and Erin being there made me feel much more relaxed. I truly did not have to think for a second about what I had to do, or where I had to be, or when I had to be ready because Erin was on top of everything. From helping all the bridesmaids with their timing and getting ready to fixing my hair at the reception and putting bandaids on my feet to making sure we were enjoying every second of our day; this girl does it all! I could not imagine not having Erin with us on our special day and I truly do not think our wedding would have been what it was without her."


    Katie and Christian

    August 5, 2017

    New York, New York


    "The wedding day would not have happened if not for Erin. She was amazing! There is no way we could have had our ceremony coordination, location transitions, and reception coordination completed without her. Erin was perfect the whole way through. She was very involved and assisted with much more than I had expected. She executed all the details and also had great tips that I had not thought of. Erin is very attentive and responsive, friendly and assertive. A coordinator is an absolute must have, and Erin has great value for her service. We could not be happier with having hired her after lots of research. I had found Erin on Wedding Wire so you always have a bit of worry that comes with not having a personal referral, but she is the real deal and I highly recommend Erin. She also was my favorite person I had worked with throughout the entire wedding process, and just who you would want there on your special day."


    Charlotte and Nick

    April 22, 2017

    New York, New York


    My wife and I interviewed nearly 2 dozen wedding planners and Erin was clearly the best and only choice. She was the only candidate who listened to our plan and immediately provided valuable feedback. She was the only candidate who took our proposal and improved it while other candidates attempted to over complicate their proposals with services they could not fulfill and that we did not need. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Erin was incredibly attentive and professional. During the event, Erin took charge and was incredibly helpful getting everything organized and making decisions when needed. She and her team were very friendly and helpful with every guest as well. We had over 300 guests at our wedding, and received many wonderful compliments on the wedding and for Erin in the months that followed. Erin should be the first and last call you make for a wedding planner.


    Ashley and Cade

    April 23, 2016

    St. Louis, Missouri


    "If there was an option to choose more than five stars, we would. Erin was the metaphorical navigation system for our day, the GPS that steered our world, if you will. From the time we booked Erin to be our day-of coordinator through our day-after lunch, she helped to keep things together. She helped in the planning process to craft a seamless timeline for the day, and it was great to have her at our final venue meeting to solidify all the details. Erin contacted each of our vendors a week before the wedding to introduce herself and let them know she would be the contact for any questions or concerns. It was a tremendous relief to be able to hand off the reins and know that everything would be taken care of. She then orchestrated our rehearsal, making sure that everyone knew what would happen the next day. On our wedding day, Erin ran interference for all questions, concerns, and tasks. She helped to keep things on time, reminding our bridal party and family of the schedule and getting groups together for pictures. She was instrumental in flipping our ceremony location into the floor plan for the reception, and her eye for detail shined through as our vision was realized. Erin worked well with our venue and other vendors, allowing us to simply enjoy. We cannot imagine how the day would have gone without her. She was the go-to person. She fielded the questions so we didn't have to. She managed the timeline so we could forget the time. She coordinated the vendors, guests, and people so that our wedding day was full of unforgettable memories rather than questions and coordination. We could not have done it without her, and luckily we didn't have to."


    Kristina and David

    April 16, 2016

    St. Louis, Missouri


    "Erin is amazing. I met her through a friend and asked the NYC based coordinator if she would be willing to come back to St. Louis to help with my wedding. The timing worked just right and she was able to be in town for our wedding. I asked a lot of her and she exceeded my expectations. I am a very hands on person and I needed her to be me since I had to be "the bride." I decided to DIY a lot of my wedding decor and needed someone to step in and make sure everything got set up correctly. She not only helped me keep on track the week before, she ran rehearsal, went to get more craft supplies for centerpieces (twice), she delivered our chuppah and helped my dad set it up the day of (multiple times due to the wind), delivered the centerpieces to the reception venue, ran the afternoon ceremony, set up the chuppah again (because we did two ceremonies), ran the evening ceremony, and did it all with ease and a smile on her face. This doesn't even include all the things she did without me knowing. She is basically a superhero and you should hire her."


    Jordan and Chris

    October 16, 2015

    Keswick, Virginia


    "We had such an excellent experience with Erin. The week before the wedding, the stress really started to hit us. Having Erin was like running a relay race and having someone to pass the baton to. Beforehand, she did an awesome job of setting up phone calls with us to discuss details. She immediately knew what questions to ask, what things still needed to be taken care of, and also had numerous helpful
    suggestions. When she came into town before the wedding, she already had such a good grasp on my wedding vision and how the day would flow, and immediately put us at ease. One thing in particular I noticed was what a good job she did quickly building rapport with my friends and family. This made things go so much more smoothly as, when there are inevitable sudden issues or conflicts during such a big event, she already knew everyone and could quickly resolve the issue and move on with the day. She did an amazing job at the rehearsal with organizing and directing everyone, at a venue she had never even been to yet. On the day of the wedding, she was right there to keep me on schedule, check in with my vendors, and to make sure everything was being set up as I had asked. Afterwards, several of the vendors commented to me how delightful Erin had been to work with. Her personality is so laid-back, easy-going, and her sense of humor helps to lighten the mood when you are feeling stressed. I would totally hire her again if I ever have a big party or event. When people have told me how perfect my wedding was, I know it was because of her!"


    Diana and Daniel

    August 15, 2015

    East Patchogue, New York


    "When we first contacted Erin and asked if she had our date open we were greeted with so much warmth and wisdom, we knew we had to book her! Shortly after she took us on I received a kit that included every thingamabob a bride could need on her wedding day. I knew I was in good hands with Erin from the start. She helped us stay on task while encouraging us to make decisions that fit our personality. She is like a wedding doula, and will advocate for her couples to the end. When we got closer to the big day my ability to organize and structure grew dim and Erin helped me so much! She made a kick-ass schedule, showed incredible empathy for the inevitable drama of wedding planning, and took the reins when I needed her most. Erin was, hands down, the strongest force behind the success of our wedding. We had a blast!!!! She is so kind and professional."


    Emily and Corey

    July 31, 2015

    St. Louis, Missouri


    "We couldn't have pulled off a smooth wedding experience without Erin. From logistical concerns to day-of coordination, Erin kept family and friends on task like a well-oiled machine, and ensured that I could just enjoy the buzz of being a bride. She adapts easily to any situation and is a quick problem solver, without ever letting on there's been an issue. Our rehearsal and wedding went off without a hitch and I am 100% certain that Erin is to thank for that. Weddings are a crazy time, no matter how low key you are. Hiring Erin guarantees that you will be able to step back and enjoy your celebration instead of running crisis control. It's such a special time for you and your spouse-to-be... let Erin work her magic so you two can just bask in your love glow."


    Karen and Gregg

    July 27, 2015

    Brooklyn, New York


    "I don’t even know where to begin when describing this little powerhouse of a woman! She is truly the perfect wedding coordinator and planner. Her years as a production manager has given her not only the ability to multi task and organize events seamlessly, but also the communication skills to have all of your vendors working together without a hitch! Erin made herself available to me whenever I needed her, and responded to all of my emails immediately. When planning a wedding, especially by yourself, there’s no way to avoid that overwhelming feeling that you must be missing something. Erin is such a pro, she kept me on task but more importantly kept my stress level to a minimum constantly assuring me that the day would be exactly how I always dreamed it would be, if not better…and she couldn’t have been more right. Erin went above and beyond the call of duty, making it a priority to meet all of my family members and bridal party. Doing this, made it possible for them to go to her for questions, rather than me, the bride, time and time again. For those few days, Erin became part of my family! She truly is the best option in New York City, especially with her competitive rates. She handled my wedding as if it were her own, and it flowed seamlessly. I cannot recommend her enough to all brides!!!!!!"


    Brigid and Eric

    February 21, 2015

    Newburgh, New York


    "Our day was perfect, and that is because our wedding was planned so well that our only concerns on the big day were remembering our vows, and the normal jitters every couple experiences right before the walk down the aisle. On our wedding day, Erin made sure the day ran smoothly. The bridal party knew exactly when and where to be, transportation was in order, with extra shuttles ready to deal with the snowy day and she had coordinated with my photographer and his assistant, both before and during the wedding. Erin had also developed a great rapport with the owner of our venue and made sure the smallest details down to the place cards for the tables and the favors were carried out specifically to our requests. Trust Erin to coordinate your day. She will listen to whatever requests you have and make it happen. I had the most perfect day of my life on my wedding day."


    Photo by: Melvin Gilbert

    Julie and Kevin

    September 6, 2014

    Voorhees, New Jersey


    "Erin was my rock throughout my entire wedding weekend. She was behind the scenes making sure that each detail was attended to. She thinks ahead to make sure that the next element of the wedding is in order. She has such a wonderful attitude and helped me stay calm throughout the wedding weekend. Erin took care of everything, and handled all little emergencies so that I could just enjoy my day. Thank you so much, Erin!!"


    Sheena and Pete

    October 12, 2013

    Edgewater, New Jersey


    "From our first meeting, to the very last dance during the reception, Erin was a vital asset to the wedding planning process. What I loved most about our experience with Erin is that she is a collaborator. She and I were able to create an effective wedding day timeline together prior to the event. She was attentive to the requests of my Husband and I, and was able to corral our families and wedding party before, during, and after the weekend festivities. Her efforts helped the entire event flow with very little incidents. If you want a worry free wedding experience, I highly recommend Erin's services for your event."


    Jenny and David

    May 26, 2013

    Williamsburg, New York


    "Erin is the best.  From helping to set up our wedding website, entering addresses into our guest list spreadsheet, (not such a pro with the computer am I), and to checking out the options for the location with us,  she made us feel confident about our decisions that complimented 'who we are' as a couple!  Erin was present for so many pre-wedding events and was the best support and comfort for a bride mixing new families and friends from all walks of life. All the ducks were in a row on May, 26, 2013....and it still is the Best Party EVER!"


    Heather and Tim

    May 26,2013

    Cranbury, New Jersey


    "We cannot say enough about Erin- not only have I been to several events she planned, she also was my wedding planner and day-of coordinator. I'll never forget how she said to my mom at the rehearsal "I've got this- you relax!" And my mom actually relaxed! We all were able to enjoy the entire wedding weekend, and though things were far from seamless, I would never have known. Erin handles the inevitable difficulties with grace, poise, and confidentiality. She even managed to slip in a few surprises, which still amazes me. I would have been utterly lost without her- and I'm a pretty organized person, so that's saying a lot!"


    Kerry and Brett

    August 8, 2010

    Duckwalk Vineyards, Southold, New York


    "I can't imagine how one the most important days of my life would have been like without Erin. Erin met with me a few times before the big day and was absolutely crucial in helping me edit my ideas (which were getting out of control!) She helped me to focus on the details that really mattered to make sure everyone had a wonderful time. I'm usually a very nervous person, but because I knew I could trust Erin, I was able to truly enjoy every second of my wedding. To me, my wedding day was nothing but beautiful moments between my husband, friends, and family. It was only after the wedding that I heard what Erin had dealt with behind the scenes that I was never even aware of. To name a few, the bus I scheduled to get the guests to the church was in the wrong pickup spot, a few rentals weren't delivered to the reception site as specified, and my cake was dropped off without being set up for display. However, Erin took care of all these details calmly and efficiently, and neither me nor my guests ever noticed. To this day, I still get people enthusiastically telling us how amazing our wedding was! Trust me, with Erin by your side, your day will indeed be a spectacular event that you and your guests will talk about for years!"


    Brittany and Brian

    April 26, 2009

    Mineola, New York


    "You'll find no one with a greater attention to detail. I've known Erin as both a Stage Manager and Event Coordinator and her apreciation for a flawless experiance for bride, groom and guests, I think, is essential for any couple's big day! My own would not have been so smooth without


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